Friday, February 20, 2009

tired times

well im sorry for not posting alot more nut been so busy with work and john is finally working more
we are all doing alright but as all knows times are tough everywhere
a couple of weks ago was off from work
for a week so the cafe could get a new face life
here is a couple of photos showing off the new look
it turned out awesome
there was alot more that was done
but only posted the front of the cafe
that is all most sees anyway lol

Saturday, February 14, 2009

my trip to lincoln

while the cafe was closed for remodling i desided to take the time and went to visit ace in lincoln
i had a great time i didnt really want to come home ..

here is ace and his buddy willy both are such goofs some day i'll post the video they made while in iraq lol.... oh btw he finally got his homemade brownies

me and dylan

ace works for this car lot running errans and delivering vehicles to different places ..the last day i was there i help drive one of 4 vehicles to fremont..this was my ride ... look at the tires they are funky

this is a 2003 jeep liberty and i also drove a 2007 charger to the detale shop talk about a dream job ...always driving different vechiles

lol oh yes ace and i was teasing john about going to the speedway musium ..john said i better take lots of pic so ace and i did take some but unfortunally it only open on fridays during the winter and weekdays durning the summer

the staduim

oh this car was sweet it looks like a corvette
tried to get a better pic but this was the best i could do