Saturday, April 19, 2008

growing up tooooo fast

Courtney McGinnis stopped by today before heading to prom and wow does she look very grown up i remember when she was a baby when her parents moved here
*sobbing* where has the time gone....

Friday, April 18, 2008

Dakota's Quiz Bowl

Quiz Bowl today in McCook...
went to watch Dakota at the quiz Bowl and it was fun and exciting ..there was 6 Schools there ..hitchcock County ...Dindy County..McCook School #1...McCook School #2...McCook School #3...and McCook School #4
HitchCock got third place today ...
here is the scores
1) Dundy County-Hitchcock County (85-0)
2)Hitchcock County-McCook School #2(60-15)
3) Hitchcock County-McCook School #4 (30-5)
4) Hitchcock County - McCook School #3(60-0)
5) McCook School#1-HitchcockCounty(50-5)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Our new addtion to the family

this is our new baby Sable she is a Red/Blue healer and wow talk about forgetting what its like having a new puppy in the house almost like having a new baby lol she is a joy but also a brat

look how innocent she looks
her and her teddy
she loved sleeping in my purse

her first play in the snow and she loved it but not at first

sable with her sister myia

look at that expression hehe

sable and meko .. its funny watching them play