Friday, October 31, 2008

going to have puppies

well here is a photo of the proud parents
Sable and Meko ...
not sure when she will ahve her puppies but ya can see how big she is getting

Saturday, October 18, 2008

before and after photos from texas and hurricane ike

i ahve posted more pic on "myspace" of random phots before abd after Ike down around san leon area where my fahter lived

here is the link

hope you enjoy

my vacation with my father and hurricane ike

my beloved father ... we had an adventure lol

an areal shot after hurricane ike went throuhg ... of the point where my father lived, its called "april fools point"
the second full block in the middle , from the point is the block dad lived on
dads house about 18 hours before ike came through

dads bike before

i just thouhg this pic was perfect for this series of photos lol (found on the internet from san leon area)
(singing "how high is the water daddy" ) after this photo we left about 30 min later

the corner of the block where dad lived

well this is the hall way of my dads house after ike went throuhg
what we had more damage from was the storm serge it was like a big tidelwave(spl)
the front room
another pic of front room

my dads poor bike but what was so funny it never was tipped over even tho the water rose about 5 feet and the bike wasnot tied down

the bathtub we filled full of water before we lleft just incase we needed it for flushig but hey it got full of other things from Ike
ok let me explaine this photo .... im standing the the room where i had slept in and looking throuhg a whole going acroos the hall to my dads room
Hmmmm... the round wooden thing was a piling that went throuhg the bedroon window it was about 6 feet long
a shelf in my room that the water did not reach but you can see where the water did get to for the debrie on the wall

another pif of the room i slept in